The Down and Dirty Guide to Portion Sizing

OK guys, if there is one thing I hear asked about diet, it is “How much is this?” or “How much should I eat of that?”.  Don’t you hate when you sit down with your favorite snack, then as you are scraping the bottom of the package, you notice that you just ate all 3,000 calories worth of guacamole?   Maintaining a healthy weight is of supreme importance not only to the chiropractic patient, but to the population at large.  Every extra pound we carry around adds an extra MILE of capillaries.  That means every heart beat, your heart has to push your blood cells an extra mile.  No wonder so many Americans die from heart disease.  In addition to the extra wear and tear on our hearts, we get extra wear and tear on our joints.  The same extra pound taxing your heart equates to an extra 4lbs of force on your knees when you walk, and an extra 7lbs when you run.

Well for my portion size challenged chiropractic patients, this is the down and dirty way to estimate how many servings are staring back at you on your plate.

Men’s Health magazine gets the credit for the photos on this weeks post.


Let’s start with the meat and potatoes (and cheese as a starter)

A 3oz portion of beef is (yes small) about the size of a deck of playing cards

1/2 Cup of Mashed Taters

1oz of Cubed Cheese (just enough to make you angry)

 …And for dessert, although everyone agrees that no one should eat ice cream ever ;-).

1/2 Cup of ice cream, about the size of a tennis ball.

 I don’t know how to help here.  What Grapevine, Texas native even knows what a hocky puck looks like?

8oz of Lazagna

1/2 cup cooked spaghetti (who only eats a fist sized portion?)

4oz. Dry Spaghetti noodles

2 table spoons of Blue Cheese dressing (that should last exactly 1 1/2 hot wing dips)

2 tsp. Butter.

1oz. TURKEY sausage is the size of one shotgun shell. I said TURKEY. No human being should eat pork…ever.

1 full cup of chicken noodle soup is the size of a baseball.

Well folks, I am sorry if this ruined your day, but at least now you have the down and dirty on portion sizing.  As always, I think we should stick to plant/meat based foods, i.e. Steak and Salad, chicken and brown rice, eggs and more eggs, etc.

Americans eat way too many sweets and carbs.

Try to eat foods that look like FOOD.   If your plate looks like most of the contents have not been molested by processing a deep fryer, the cooking process, or slathered in butter or sauces, you are probably OK, and you can probably help yourself to a second portion.

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