If you are looking to cut calories, and add tons of flavor I have the solution for you. Chimichurri is a simple but seriously addictive green topping or marinade for your choice of meat. The sauce comes from Argentina and is their version of BBQ sauce, but don’t expect anything close to K.C. Masterpiece with this green sauce. There are many variants of Chimichurri, but this is by far the tastiest. The recipe is so simple even I can make it at home. I purchased everything for my version of Chimichurri at Costco in Southlake and at Sprouts in Southlake. If you are in Colleyville or Grapevine I would suggest going to Whole Foods to get the ingredients. This is one recipe that I definitely suggest spending the extra money to get fresh, organic produce. Chimichurri is great for you because it is low in calories, loaded with aromatic veggies, and also is a good way to get in an extra serving of the good fats in olive oil. Chimichurri is a perfect sauce for grilled steak, but you can put it on just about any grilled meat…in fact this stuff is so good, I would eat it on my ice cream.

WARNING; this stuff will make your breath unbearably BAD. Do not consume Chimichurri if you have to speak face to face with another person within the next 48 hours.

The raw ingredients:
2/3 cup chopped Fresh Oregano (dried will also work)
2/3 cup Basil
2/3 cup Flat leaf Parsley (Italian Parsley)
4 whole Bay leaves
4 cloves fresh Garlic
1/4White vinegar
1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 jalapenos (without seeds)
Salt and black pepper to taste

Loosely strip Basil, Parsley, and Oregano leaves from stems with a flat knife

In a food processor or blender combine vinegar, jalapenos, and garlic and puree until smooth. Aleah is peaking around the corner to see what all the fuss is about in the Kitchen.

Next add the Basil, Parsley, Oregano and Bay leaves, pulse for a few seconds.  The Herbs should still be chunky, but not too large that you can still recognize the shape of the leaves.

Add the Olive oil and whisk together.

Top any grilled meat on the table, or marinade before grilling.

Enjoy the sauce (and please brush your teeth afterwards)


-Britton A. Taylor, DC
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