The Wall Angel; A Godsend for neck and shoulder pain

Shoulder pain associated with poor posture might be one of the most common complaints in my Grapevine Chiropractic office.  Some Chiropractors will deliver an adjustment for such ailments; however there is usually more to the pain-puzzle, than a Subluxation or pinched nerve.  Often times an over stretched, or over stressed Levator Scapulae.  A stressed Levator-Scap may cause knots (trigger points) in the shoulders and neck, as well cause your Chiropractic adjustments to not hold as long as they should.


If you experience unrelenting neck pain, knots in your shoulders, or pain and stiffness in your upper back, this exercise is a MUST for you.


1)Stand against a wall with your feet flat on the floor, and heels about 6 inches from the base of the wall.



2) Be sure that your rump, shoulders and back of your head are pressed firmly into the wall



3) Assume the “stick-em-up” position.  Shoulders at 90° elbows at 90°


4) Slowly drag your elbows up the wall as if to raise your hands in the air (hold for 10 seconds)


5) Slowly bring your arms back down, trying to tuck your elbows into your side, all while keeping your hands and wrists up in the air, close to the wall (hold for 10 seconds).

As you can see, Sam is REALLY feelin the burn.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for a total of 60 seconds.  Perform this exercise in the morning and in the evening.

-Britton A. Taylor, DC
“To keep you at your best, for the rest of your life.”

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