Push Up Plus (the “+” is for awesome)

An adjustment for a Chiropractor can do wonders for Shoulder pain.  In some cases, an adjustment alone won’t take care of the underlying problem, an irritated scapulae.  As we work at a computer, watch TV, read, etc.  Our shoulders become rounded and hunched forward.  Over time the shoulder blade becomes “stuck” and will not properly retract.  I recommend this simple stretch to nearly all of my Chiropractic patients.

The goal of the “Push up +” is to exercise the Serratus Anterior muscles and to increase range of motion in the scapula.

Manny Pacquiao (as do most boxers) has a nice example of the muscles we will be working (you can see them just under his arm-pits, attached to his ribs.

  • Start on the floor in the “up” pushup position.

Start with good push up form; straight back, chin up, elbows locked.

  • While keeping your elbows locked, slowly lower your chest toward the ground.  Let your chest “hang” and feel the stretch between your shoulder blades and your ribs.

  • Push yourself back into the original position.
  •  Repeat.

When you sink your chest toward the ground, you should feel your shoulderblades come together in the back.  Notice how Sam’s shoulderblades “pinch” my hand.

If you are unable to get into the pushup position, you can also lean over a low desk and achieve the same results.

All exercise photos were taken of Sam in the old Chiropractic office in Grapevine, Texas

-Britton A. Taylor, DC.

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