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Who really needs a Chiropractor, anyway?

The short answer is; if you have a spine, you need a chiropractor. The majority of patients that come into the office present with similar conditions; headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and shoulder pain are the most common. What we are able to “fix” is so much more though…...

The Science of Chiropractic

This post is devoted to hosting the objective proof that Chiropractic works.   Chiropractic should be first treatment for low back pain (click for link) Headaches and Adjustments   Pregnancy and Adjustments

Should you fire your Doctor?

This is a fantastic article that I had to share.   The content not only applies to your Medical Doctor, but your Chiropractor, Dentist, etc.  I have added a few thoughts in BLUE font through out.  Enjoy. How do you know? I remember my days back in the corporate world (HR)...

Why wait to take care of your pain?

All to often, patients tell me that they have been dealing with a condition (be it back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, etc) for months or even years before seeking treatment from a Chiropractor.   GET IN ASAP!  The sooner you have a Doctor of Chiropractic evaluate your condition, often the...