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top ten ranked “Greens”

This is a great article ranking 10 common green foods from Best to worst.  Everyone likes a good list, though most prefer to count them down from 10 to 1, but I digest (sorry a poor attempt at levity.)  If I am being honest, the best greens are the ones...

The Low Back Pain Diet

  Can you use diet to help eliminate low back pain?   The answer, ABSOLUTELY! Chronic inflammation is fingered in nearly every condition I see in my Grapevine Chiropractic practice.  Neck pain, back pain, headaches, bursitis, sciatica, and every type of tendonitis are the direct or indirect result of inflammation.   Removing inflammatory...

Mint Avocado Frosting

Mint Avocado Frosting Okay, okay…so I know the idea of avocado in a frosting may sound a little strange, but you just gotta try it!! For those that don’t like avocado, have no fear, you seriously can’t taste it!  (I happen to love avocado now, but I used to be...


If you are looking to cut calories, and add tons of flavor I have the solution for you. Chimichurri is a simple but seriously addictive green topping or marinade for your choice of meat. The sauce comes from Argentina and is their version of BBQ sauce, but don’t expect anything...