“I had known real pain for years! NO MORE! Dr. Taylor has made me a real fan of chiropractic care. After years of climbing telephone poles for a living and various sports injuries, and all the pain that goes with those types of body traumas, I found an all natural way to be pain free. My chiropractor has taken 20+ years of wear and tear off this body.
I feel great! Thank you, Dr. Taylor!!! Everyone should do this!”

-Tamy S.

Tamy S.

I first came to see Dr. Taylor under emergency circumstances, I walked in the front door looking like Quasimodo! Within two visits Dr. Taylor had me walking upright again. I continue to see Dr. Taylor once a week for continued wellness and I ALWAYS feel better after my adjustments. The girls in the office are a joy to deal with and I will continue treatments as long as they will have me! Whether injured or just seeking overall better quality of life, I highly recommend Dr. Taylor and the team at Brown Chiropractic Centers


Ed Cross

I have seen two different traditional doctors over the past two years and taken hundreds of pills with the prognosis of surgery being my last option. The pain would wake me at night; working around the house was becoming impossible. Not one of these doctors would dare and suggest Chiropractic. It’s a good thing a friend did. As the President of my firm it is hard to find enough time in a day. As such, I seldom take the time to express my gratitude for a service I have paid for, but in this case I must! After two treatments I knew this was working.  After the third I was in awe of your methods and the relief of my tendonitis. Two years of unending pain put to an end in a few weeks. The words, THANK YOU, are not adequate and yet they are all I can offer. Thank you so very much!”

Barry A Richey, President, Win Financial Group

Barry A Richey, President, Win Financial Group

“Dr. Taylor explained the issues I was dealing with by showing me on my x-rays what was out of alignment, degenerative, and more importantly, what could be corrected. I understood for the first time exactly what was causing my discomfort and pain. After my adjustment, I could immediately feel relief and balance I haven’t felt in years. I was able to walk without pain in my hip for the first time in years.   I appreciated  that he took the time to  ask questions about my concerns as well as the typical exam questions.  Very thorough and compassionate care from a very knowledgeable and gifted Chiropractor.” 

Ehab Elsaadi, Operations Manager